Generate Cost Savings and Enhance Your Publications:

Combine the Best Attributes of Mass-Printing and the Internet

with None of their Shortcomings.


Directories, guides, journals, magazines, training manuals, conference handouts, prospectuses, catalogs... Does your organization consume large costly amounts of print collateral, published and distributed on a periodic basis?  Would you like to generate savings through cost avoidance while enhancing your outreach?


Top 15 Benefits: On Self-Updating Smart CDs & USBs, also Online and on Mobile Apps, our patent-pending turnkey solution will help you:


   Reduce your printing/re-printing costs up to 100% and mailing costs up to 80%

    Maximize your exposure, reach and retention - increase response rates up to 600%

     Update your publications easily, anytime, without having to re-print or re-send anything ever again

      Have your updates get reflected instantly/retroactively on already handed out material

       Enjoy simple, fast, easy integration, compatible with virtually all systems

        Remove all inherent print limitations - deadlines, permanent print errors, out-of-date inventory

         Provide your audience interactive, print-on-demand, web-enhanced information

          Drive traffic to your business with digital and physically imprinted URLs, emails, phone, QR codes 

           Deliver a net upside in terms of speed, accuracy and user-friendliness

            Install your self-updating publication as a stand-alone application on PCs and Macs

             Track insightful usage metrics for your social media-enabled and searchable content

              Generate revenues through our elective Advertising Partnership Program

               Add music or educational audio book content that play in car or home stereos (optional)

                Outsource the hassle of programming and maintaining publications across multiple mediums

                 Go green by reducing your organization’s carbon footprint

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